Wednesday, 4 November 2009

One Year Later

Can you belivie that it was a year ago today that i started this blog?
Time does really fly by. As i expected i blogged alot in the beginning, and i have not blogged as often latetly. But every now and then i post something (mostly random) ;).
I started this when the Team Msn era was just beginning, and i must say i was pretty addicted to it back then. Cause i was unemployed at the time and didn't have that much else to do at the time.

soo.. my tv died on monday :( but i bought a knew one :P i'm kinda addicted to my tv.
but most of you already know that :D

This weekend i visited the graveyard, like i do every year at all hallow's eve, to light candles at my grandparents grave. It's always cosy to go there this weekend.
This is my tradition, like many others in sweden. I'm not that fond of the hyped american Halloween that some people are adapting overhere. Fine, it might be fun to dress up and have a party, but the trick or treat business just annoys me.
But people are free at doing what they want. I know that trick or treat is tradition in some countries, but i hasn't been here in sweden, i guess that's why it annoys me a bit :P

Anyway, i will share some photos and a vid from the weekend.

My sister and her cousin played with flashlights

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Elin Inferno said...

Yeah totally agree bout not bringing the american halloween stuff here. I'm all pro old traditions ... specially when it comes to all hallow's eve since it's my all time favorite holiday:D