Wednesday, 17 December 2008

2 weeks later...

I just realized that it's almost 2 weeks since my last blog post. Well, i knew this was gonna happen eventually, since i don't don't like to have things that i have to do, especially when it's about being creative in a way. I like to do it whenever i feel like it, without it being a must. But i guess a blog you can't write on whenever you want, but i think 2 weeks are a little to long between the post. So i'm gonna try to be more blog active.

Well in the last two weeks i have done some new voogles for those of you who have missed them.

Fist one is from my ikea trip:

Second one is my Silent Voogle:

And the last one is me showing off my new hair:

At the moment i'm kinda bored just being home all day long. Feel a bit useless when i don't have a work and don't get out and do stuff. Cause i just tend to get stuck at home in from of the computer and tv. And my addiction for tv-shows doesn't make it easier to take matters in to my hands and do stuff. Although i have some days when i do some stuff, but that doesn't happens that often. I do feel good about being almost completely done with all the christmas presents that my friends and family are gonna get. Now all i got do is wrap them.

Well well, gonna work some extra at my old job during the next 3 weeks, not that many days thought, cause it's alot of holidays, but at least i got something to do for a while, cause i'm so damn bored at the moment. Another good thing is job = money = possible trip to London!

Operator Please - Leave It Alone:

And a weird vid i found when i typed in ikke on youtube:

Bye for now

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