Monday, 29 December 2008

Soon a new year

Well things could be better i guess. Like almost my whole family is ill, in various stuff like fever, throwing up and my father has half of his face paralyzed again. And i feel a bit like i'm getting sick as well. But i gotta work tomorrow, and then i'm going to adak to spend new years eve with my friends there, so i don't wanna get sick right now.

Well, i got a new web cam for christmas. And it has some cool effects.

On a much more serious note, there has been a big fire here in UmeƄ, 200 people has lost their homes, and i relaized tonight that mys cousins are among them, so i gotta get in touch with them tomorrow. Well at least no people got hurt, always something good at least.


Jenn said...

Love these pictures,

Elin Inferno said...

Where you bored with the pics?? hehe anyways love the hair^only saw it with not so good quality pics!