Tuesday, 19 May 2009

One Month Later

I realize that it's a while since i wrore a blogpost, so here i go.
First of all i am super tired, cause i had to get up early cause i didn't want to be asleep since a guy was supposed to come and fix some things in our house. Well around 11 am 3 guys showed up up and it was all done during less then an hour. But i was up at 8.30 am, cause that's when they started at my neighbourghs house, and i don't know how long it would take.
I am nocturnal again, and just because i knew i had to get up early today, of course i couldn't fall asleep until after 5 am last night (this morning?).
Meh, so zombiemode could be expected today.

At the moment i'm taking math level c to compliment my application to university, gonna do it during 5 weeks, so it's fulltime studies, i'm on week 4 at the moment, and so tired of at the moment. And in this chapter i'm at i need a calculator that does graphs, and my calculator doesn't have that at all. Think i need to find one that i can borrow, cause i don't wanna buy a new one since the one i have is already kinda advance (minus the graph thingy). So not motivated at working on my math at the moment. So i blong instead. XD

Oh, this weekend Alannah Myles comes to UmeƄ, and the show is free! So gonna go and se her, would be totally stupid to pass this opportunity, when she is here and it's for free.
This weekend my friend is moving in with us as well, she is gonna stay for about a month until she can move into her new appartment.

Was very excited for ESC this year, but as soon as the voting started it just stopped being fun, you could see pretty early on who was gonna win. Oh, well at least there was some songs that i liked this year.

Gonna end this blogpost with songs that i played alot last week.

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Elin Inferno said...

Well Math is boring, getting up early is a pain in the ass. but at least Metric can help you get better^^ YAY:D you're finally starting to see the magic behind them?
Also Die Happy is great music!