Saturday, 30 May 2009


I have finnished my math course now, just gotta have a meeting with my teacher to get the grade. I was up at 9 am this morning, along with the rest of the 5 people that was sleeping here last night. There is alot of people in town for nordic rock that is this weekend. I was doing my math test from 11 am to 7 pm today, just took small breaks to eat. My brain and energy was kinda worn out after that. Now i just have to hope that it went well.

I love how it's kinda summertime now, and that it's light outside almost everytime.
I just went outside and took these pics:

It's 2 am and the sun is on it's way up.

And the birds have started to sing now. Maybe i should sleep in a while. But i'm nocturnal now, and have 3 weeks now that i'm free before i start to work. YAY!

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staceyraverrrr said...

yay for no more maths!!! haha :D an wow! nice pics! don't think i would be able to sleep at all if it was getting light that early here! Anyway have a great weekend :)