Monday, 11 April 2011

Soundtrack of my life

I guess my attechment to music really started at a young age. I would say some of it comes from my parents. When i was really young my mother used to dance with me in her arms, often to Eros Ramazzotti. So when i hear a song played by him it takes me back to my childhood. My father on the other hand plays guitar. It is one of my favourite things when he brings out his guitar on late summer nights and people gather around and sings songs. These sort of things has been going on since i was a little kid, and i think i will never get tired of it.
My mom and dad bought alot of LP records togheter when they were a couple, and when they seperated when i was around 5 years old, and my mom has said that the records was one of the hardest thing to splitt between them. I have been told they layed out all the records on the floor and they took turns picking one at a time. (Note to self: never buy records with anyone).

A song can tell a moving story by itself, but for me the song gets even more moving if it's connected with another story as well. That is a big reason why i can like soundtrack so much sometimes. Cause the movie or tv-show moved me in a way, and the soundtrack enhanced that feeling. And when i listens to those songs my mind takes me back to that story or the feeling i had watching it.

Sometimes funny things happens, when your mind makes a soundtrack by itself. This have happend to me a couple of times, and i'm speacially thinking about when a book gets a soundtrack, that sometimes doesn't fit at all. Like in the summer of 2001 when i was reading The Felllowship of The Ring while listening to Britney Spears (at that time) new album - Britney. Whenever i hear songs from that album i get vauge pictures of Frodo and Gandalf in my head, and sometimes just the feeling i had when i was reading that book.
Another example is when i read the Millenium Triology by Stieg Larsson. Almost during all the three books i was listening to A Kiss Could Be Deadly - A Kiss Could Be Deadly. So that album always make me think of Lisbeth Salander, cause she is the character you really care about and somehow gets under you skin from that book.

Songs can also remind of a certian event in your life or an era of your life. Seriously, i bet alot from my generation would be taken back in the time when we heard likes like Spice Girls, S Club 7 and other artist from the 90's. It's a funny thing how music can trigger ones memory, with both and sad emotions.

During a long time of my life i couldn't fall asleep unless i had music playing. I still need to listen to music everyday, it's just weird if i don't. I have always needed music while i'm working on something, like homework or maybe a blogpost. ;P
Some mornings i already have a song playing in my head, and i just NEED to play it. I have needs to play a certain song every now and then. And sometimes i just fall in love with a song a play it over and over again, sometimes during a couple of days in a row. Whenever i go back and listen to one of those songs it's like an old friend has showed up for a visit. You get happy and are reminded of things that made you love it so much, and maybe get back a feeling from that time in your life.

Hopefully i will fall in love over and over again with new music that i later can call great friends.

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Isvind said...

True story *points to post* Our nostalgic music evenings bring back memories both from our time together and the memories from before :P I can't listen to S Club 7 tho and not think of you while doing it :P think the nostalgia nights might have had an influence there :P