Thursday, 15 January 2009

Friends Without Borders

This week has been a eventful week in oogling land. And last night it all came to and end. I can't say that i was all that suprised cause the limit was being pushed allot lately, i'll admit that.

Right before of the end of the oogling thread EJ started a new one called friends without borders, but that didn't last for long, which was sad, but not that suprising either.

Anyway i went to bed and then i had to go back to the computer to save my posts from this thread cause i wanted to keep what i had written and post it here. And i'm glad i did, cause when i woke up this morning the thread was gone.

"I'm really glad that i was born in an era of the internet. otherwise i wouldn't
have met alot of my good friends that i have met through the internet. and alot
of these good friends i have gotten to know through this site. it is really
interesting to get to know other bi/gay/queer people from all over the world and
hear about how their lives are and make new connections with people that live so
many miles apart from you. This has also made my english much better, since
i come from sweden and english isn't the first language here, and when you don't
use a language that often you don't get much better at it. But by being active
on this site and talking to people from all over the world, has made me very
confident in my english, and other things i might add. haha ;P "

And then someone made a comment about that online friends sounded pathetic and i had to answer that.

"I think online friends can be as important as friends that you have irl. you can have the same amount of trust and relationship with people that you haven't met, but
when you have talked to people for over a year at least once a week it really
feels like you are friends, and i think you are. especially when you have msn and the coversation can move quickly and even the possibilities of webcams and talking in a videocall. and alot of people that i know irl i keep in touch with through the internet, so why not meet people on the internet and if it's possible then meet in irl. and without the internet i wouldn't know any people outside of sweden, so this has absolutely made my life more interesting."


Elin Inferno said...

right on sista... okey that sounded wrong.. but I agree internet friends are to good to be true.. I mean what else would we have done these past 2 years if we wasn't talking to each other??

Mochi said...

Yeah I was well disappointed when not only was our new home closed down...but also it was deleted! Your replies were so sweet though Ikke, nearly made me cry.

EternalJunkie said...

Lovely replies... very well written.... your English is better than a lot of English people I know! x

Jenn said...

I meant to post a response but was not quick enough. I have had the wonderful chance to read this blog and the movie review blog you and Elin share and I am very impressed. I know I am not a close friend with you and you may not even like me but I think Elin is cool and if you are a friend of Elin that means YOU are cool. I think your english or swenglish as Elin says is great. Keep up the great work. In addition, online friends are JUST AS important as a friend in real life.

strict machine said...

ikke i love you. that is all