Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Well well, this time i might be able to post before midnight so wednesday will actually be post on wednesday :P This has been a pretty slow day i think. And my throat hurts :( I don't wanna get sick, it's just a waste of time. Got a meeting in town tomorrow at 10 am, so i'm actually gonna try to sleep soon, so i get some hours of sleep at least. Gaaaah! Nocturnalness comes so much easier for me, but i'm gonna try at least. Well soon of to bed and watch an epsidoe of Ghost Squad, and drool a bit over Elanie Cassidy :P

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Elin Inferno said...

YAY Elaine Cassidy... I think you are very happy I tipped you about her^*wink*
hope you dont get the same sickness I had... but we do tend to pass them on to us through the net... it's scary.