Monday, 26 January 2009


So my plan to go to bed early didn't work out, and the SAG awards starts in like 20 mins, so i'm tempted to see that live instead of taping it, but i will se what i will do, maybe i'll get tired. haha

Okay, so today my friend went home again, and i thought i would freeze to death when i was walking her to the place were they was gonna pick her up. Soo cold and my poor dog thought it was cold too, she's like me in that case :P

Joined facebook today = massive confusion

Btw, i'm back at my obsession with wicked, well it never disappers, just don't listen to it all of the time, but now i am again. I heart Defying Gravity!


Elin Inferno said...

Wicked?? Wicked?? are you even sane? I mean WHY GOD WHY?

ikke said...

have i ever claimed to be sane? :P