Sunday, 25 January 2009


Today i saw twilight, and i liked it. well, the newest of my celebrity crushes are kristen stewart. and a movie with kristen stewart involving vampires? that couldn't be bad? yeah, that what i thought. :D Saw into the wild the other day, she are also in that and she was singing in it. *melts* didn't know she could sing. I'm also superexcited about her playing joan jett in the movie about the runaways, can't wait ti see that movie, since i am a the runaways fan as well. *wanna see it NOW* but that's not possible :( well well, at least i got something to look forward too.

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Elin Inferno said...

Kirsten Stewart *drools* she is damn hot and talented... Runaways = ear orgasm
and with Kirsten in it... WOW