Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Magic Words

The power of words are endless in my opinion. Whether it's spoken, written or singed. Words can make you happy, sad, excited, bored, angry, mushy, crazy, nostalgic. But the same word can have different affect on you depending on which person that says the words to you, and what realtion you have to that person. I think it's a bit sad thought that you can't understand all words in the world and people cannot always communicate with each other because they speak different languages. Well sometimes people speak the same languages an still cannot communicate with each other, but i think that speaking the same languages makes it a bit easier at least. I'm feel very lucky to be fluent in at least two languages these days. I'm grateful that we have had english in school, cause otherwise i would have missed out to getting to know allot of really cool, nice and interesting people. It also makes it possible for me to express my self to a whole world that understands english, which i think is allot these days. With my swedish i wouldn't get that far internationally speaking. But language is a thing that you kinda forget when you don't use it. Like my french, the most of it is gone by now. Last time i had it in school was 6 years ago, and since i pretty much haven't used it since then it's mostly gone by now. Sometimes i'm thinking about picking it up again, but not sure what use i will have of it. A language i wanna learn thought is sign language, it seems interesting and kinda useful at times. But as i have understood it's not international, like there is swedish sign language, weird, would make more sense if it was the same everywhere. well well, i guess it's the same with all the other languages.

Well, that was my thoughts about words and languages.

On another note. New oogling thread is up! Yay

I know for alot of people that makes no sense at all, but to those that are involved in the ae madness and was active during the epic week, will completely understand how happy these words make me.

*goes back to lurk mode*

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