Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Emotional Roller Coaster

This last 24 hours has been mixed with alot of different feelings. Fist of all i was already mad about abc firing Brook Smith from Grey's Anatomy. Fist of all i like her as an actor, and i loved the Callica storyline. Now they have fired Brook Smith and shorted the Callica story, so it will end in tomorrows episode. WTF!?! No, can't talk about that anymore at the moment, i will just get even more pissed off.

Okay, first good news, Obama won!! YAY!! Don't think i need to say much more about that.

Then i found out that California woted yes on prop 8. WTF!?! Well last i checked it was 95% votes counted, and it's seems like the yes won with 52% against 48%, as for now at least. Now, that makes me angry againt. I was hoping for NO on prop 8. But i'll guess i'll have to wait until it's completely done untill i'm sure, but it doesn't look good i must say. *sigh*

Lest move on to the next topic. Here in Sweden we got to know today that the genderneutral marrigelaw is on the way! Woho!! And it seems like it will be puy into work in may. YAY! Finally, i think this should have been done already ina country as Sweden. But i'll guess it's better late then never. And i hope it will happen, otherwise i will go back to beeing mad again

Well so that was pretty much what was in my head today. and add pms to that, haha. omg, it has been a weird day, going back and forth through emotions. And been tired, cause went to sleep after 7 am cause i got stuck to the election on tv.

Well, now i'm gonna stop typing and do something else for a while.



FlickChicks said...

agree about the to many things in one day part.
Don't care that much about the callica stuff (you know;I) but if prop 8 says yes it just shows how small minded and screwed most Americans are... well can be.. not all.
Finally Reinfeldt have done something good. it's about time!!

Anonymous said...

This is such bullshit! First Callica, and now the bans on gay marriage and such...Sometimes I wish I were a Swede, or a Brit, or a Canadian for that matter! I am happy to here about Sweden, and the possibility of gay marriage being legal there.