Saturday, 8 November 2008

Team MSN I Heart You

Love you guys, the whole lot of you. You know who you are. You brighten up my boring days, or maybe i should say nights. Cause it's alomst always night when i talk to you guys. You are my night family.

So, i'm at my dads now. And today they took a picture of me and 11 year old brother. And it looks crazy, cause he is taller then me. God, i feel small. And i guess i'm always gonna be like that. Accepting. Moving on.

So usually when i go to my dads house for the weekend i tend to read alot. But now i'm in msn, web messenger thought, cause don't have msn installed here. So i guess not much reading for me tonight. =) *goes back to team msn fun*


Anonymous said...

Lol, "accepting. Moving on." That's hilarious! MUAH! xoxox

FlickChicks said...

haha You have a family for every occasion^^
Well it's good you've got new friends that you have stuff in common with.. .