Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Good Morning

So, it's 8 am and i'm awake. It's been a long while since i have been up this early in the morning. So my plan to go to sleep yesterday got held back a little, cause when i had brushed my teeth's i noticed that something was burning in the woods outside our house, not a big fire, but still something burning in the woods. And i didn't wanna go to bed doing nothing about it, cause i don't want to wake up being burned to death. haha. So i grabbed my brother and we went out to put out the fire, and it was a sweater burning. Well well, after that i went to bed, and i eventually i fell asleep. Now i'm gonna go and get me some breakfast before i gotta go to the employment office for an information day.

Have a great day!


Kimmaayy..! said...

Why was there a sweater burning in the woods? Creepy much? Lol!

Elin Inferno said...

haha jag blir lika chockad varje gångng du är uppe innan 10^^ nu förtjänar du en kaka:P eller lite violglass kanske;)