Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Third night in a row now i'm up this late. I never gonna be able to turn back to normal diurnal rhythm if i keep this up. But i can't stop it's like a drug. you guys are addictive, and making it hard to even wanna go to sleep at a normal time a night. it's starting to invade my dreams even, haha. but only like i dream that i get new messages all the time, they could be alot more fun then that, but not yet. sadly. well, i should get to bed soon, it's now 5 am. And it's seems like Obama are winning but i can't be sure until it's done i guess, and i don't think i'm gonna stay up that much longer. so i guess i will know for sure when i wake up tomorrow.

hey, i have a blog! and after 24 hours i already have 8 followers? but i guess most of them are ae peeps.

YAY! They just said on tv that Obama has won!

okay, on that note i will go to sleep now. (I know you like that Kimmaayy! haha, sorry, couldn't pass that up. :P )



Kimmaayy..! said...

Ikke, you poor thing! I get the best of both wolrds, I get all the dirty chat all night, and I also get my sleep, so I commend you on your stamina! You are, like I've said before, a trooper! I can only be so lucky to invade your dreams :P

FlickChicks said...

haha du får skylla dig själv;) klart de blir svårt om man är vaken hela nätterna^^

yess indeed... we all love and adore you;) hehe